Equine Sports Fitness

If you’re a competitor, riding to stay into shape isn’t enough. You need to be in shape to ride. In particular, riders need a strong core and the ability to coordinate multiple movements at the same time. A rider with a weak core will attempt to compensate with tension in other areas, like the shoulders and hips.

As you get older, it becomes harder to learn the new motor skills you need to move to the next skill level. But with some hard work and patience, you can use your exercise routine to “reprogram” poorly ingrained muscle memory.

As riders we need to move away from the “just get it over with” mentality toward exercise, and use our workouts to focus on how to master our movemements in a way that improves our riding.

When you begin to see the connection between your workout and your time in the saddle, your motivation to work out improves by leaps and bounds. Your mental focus will improve as you learn how your form during workouts translates to your form in the saddle.

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