My name is June Stevens. I am a different kind of “personal trainer.” I help people develop the mindset to succeed, and teach them the strategies they need to make it happen.

Natural talent and ability are great things to have, but even they will only get you so far. Many naturally talented riders leave the sport or fail to succeed because they haven’t learned the mindset that’s necessary to perservere.

And many average riders succeed beyond anyone’s wildest expectations because they develop the mindset strategies and attitudes of champions.

I’ve been certified by a top Olympic sports psychologist, and earned degrees in science and medicine, while pursuing my own horse career goals.

For the past 30 years, sports psychologists and scientists have worked to quantify intangible traits such as grit and perserverance. This research has provided a wealth of information on how anyone can develop the mindset for success.

I work with riders all over the country who want to succeed. Getting the most out of your horse-life isn’t a “happy accident.” It’s the result of a strategic approach.

You can learn to turn daydreams  into reality. You can develop the mindset of a winner, the attitude that embraces challenges and constantly seeks improvement.

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